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About Us

The UWI Marketing Association is the biggest club on the campus of the University of the West Indies, Mona. The club has over 300 active members on campus and a host of corporate sponsors. Since its re-branding in 2012, the association has grown tremendously and has taken on many initiatives that aids in the development of students of the University of the West Indies.

The UMA seeks to provide opportunities to students and as we help them to explore the world of Marketing. Some of the initiatives carried out by UMA are Futsal for Breast Cancer Awareness, Beat Season Pop-up, Christmas treats, High School Tours and Internship competitions. This activities are sponsored by top corporate partners including Digicel, Pepsi, Jamaica National (JN WAY) Nescafe, SLEEK and Wealth Magazine.

The club is geared toward teaching persons that marketing is important in all career paths that one might take and continues to spread this message to persons who are currently pursuing other degrees.

UMA Executive Body


Cedrica Reid


Timothy Skyers

Vice President

Tori Haber

Director of public Relations

Michelle Marsden

Director of Public Relations

Geoffrey White

Cultural and Entertainment Affairs Chairperson

Dominic Parram

Assistant Cultural & Entertainment Affairs Chairperson

Abigail Stewart

External Affairs Chairperson

Nicole Gregory

Assistant External Affairs Chairperson

Leah Carruthers


Ashley Hinds

Assistant Secretary

Dominic Gocoul

Director of Advertising

Keanu Laing

Club Advisor

The objectives of the organization are to:

Build a network with current marketing managers from which the current students can learn important transferable skills.


Contribute to current projects that consumer based companies are conducting to fine-tune our skills as prospective marketers and future decision makers.


Physically engage in research and case studies at the commission of any company and function as an information source to assist management in its decision making.

Volunteer our resources and devise strategies that will significantly contribute to any initiative that the university might have to market its brand.


Provide career building, leadership and service opportunities for members, especially those with a specific marketing career interest.


Enrich and expand upon students’ classroom experiences, allowing them to explore and prepare for careers in marketing by means of practical marketing industry exposure.


To be involved in events planned by the University and organizations on the campus through promotion, execution and other elements of Marketing. To expand our network and reach to not only UWI Mona but to other UWI campuses and colleges around the World. To have a growing member base that not only consists of students with marketing majors but also from other faculties and majors as well. To have a member base with students with marketing majors, we can provide a ready set of young and creative interns for any marketing promotion your company undertakes. To plan, organize and execute our own events which show diversification, as well as outreach projects and fundraising events. These events will enhance the image of brand and products as students will recognize the contribution you make to the development of youth.