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Donate To The Children Of Hermitage Basic School

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 CB Group UWI 5k

5k_shirtA key element in the vision of this association is to be involved in events planned by the University through promotion, execution and other elements of Marketing. For the second year, UMA was involved in the CB Group UWI 5k and helped to organize on the ground promotions to increase student awareness.

Additionally there were PR stunts and online campaigns that association coordinated and assisted with and we can’t wait for next year! Thank you to the UWI Marketing Department for allowing us to gain valuable experience.


 A Touch of Pink

A Touch of Pink is our annual breast cancer awareness initiative.

Each year through the sale of breast cancer pins and shirts we raise money with the proceeds going towards the Jamaica Cancer Society.

This year we have set a target of raising $80,000 which will more than double last year’s previous target. Sale of pins will be done by members in the format of a competition while shirts can be purchsaed through email on a done to order system.

Outreach is a very important part of this association and we encourage others to do your social responsibility.

To find out how you can become involved email us at uwimarketingclub@gmail.com